Zodiac sign pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Completing the cycle that started with the Fire sign Aries. Typical keywords for Pisces are: sensitive, romantic, dreamy, mystical, imaginative, sacrifice and compassionate and tendency for escapism. Why are these associations given to Pisces what is the underlying essence of the manifestation? It is Water in element and mutable. Thus attuned to emotion, feelings and empathy and is changeable – it goes with the flow so to speak. The glyph is of two fish swimming in piscesopposite directions but connected by a cord. This symbolizes the watery, bottomless or boundlessness nature of the sign and they can be led astray or influenced (the cord). They are generally so sensitive that they may even come across as the opposite because the depth of the emotion felt is too hard to access. The harsh reality of the physical or mundane world is often too much (consciously or unconsciously so) which results in a dream world that need to be entered or some other tendency to escape (sometimes alcohol or drugs). If the escapism is channeled into a spiritual life, music or musical instruments the Piscean is literally in its element! Through such means the Piscean can access the wealth of emotion and escape. Thus in essence the Pisces energy wants to surrender to greater sun glyphconsciousness, transcend the self, family, friends, groups into the boundless. Due to their sensitivity to the environment and permeable boundaries they have to retreat from the world at times. These periods of isolation are crucial for the Pisces to find peace, recuperate and replenish their own energies especially when stressed.

Medically the sign is linked to the feet and a sensitivity of the feet is indicative of the sign’s intuitive and sensitive nature.

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