Jupiter in sagittarius: nov 2018 – dec 2019

Jupiter does a 12 year cycle through the zodiac. It is currently finishing the latter part of it’s journey through Scorpio and will head into Sagittarius on the 9th November 2018 till the 2nd December 2019. It acts optimally in Sagittarius which is a Fire sign (experiential, enthusiastic, expansive, creative and warmth) and mutable (changeable). It acts optimally in terms of being adventurous (also travel), expansive, acquiring knowledge (studies), growing, seeing the bigger picture, and be optimistic (maybe excessively so). The luck and expansion imprint will be most felt through this period of a year by those who are born between 22nd November and 21st December and know themselves to be Sagittarians. It will also benefit Sagittarius ascendant/rising sign and Moon. However, all of us have Sagittarius in some area of life (where is Sagittarius in your chart?). This area might see you make changes with ease, will give you some reprieve, expand, travel, maybe start new adventures or enterprise but certainly facilitate some enthusiasm in your life. Words of caution: don’t take on too much, mind carelessness and recklessness and do pay attention to detail. You can go back 12 years in your life – end of November 2006 – beginning of December 2007 (previous cycles end 1994-1995, end …..) and see where this expansion and learning cycle was active in your life.  In the world at large Jupiter in Sagittarius is generally related to advances in travel, education, philosophy, consciousness, religion philanthropy and new ideas.

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