Summer solstice and capricorn new moon

capricorn-clip-artThe 22nd of December 2015 is the summer solstice here in the southern hemisphere and a Capricorn new moon at the same time. Both the Sun and Moon enters the zodiac sign Capricorn in the early hours of the morning (Mercury, Venus and Pluto are already there). What a great synergy and opportune time to make use of nature’s cycles and energies to set your intentions.

sunThe summer solstice as we know, is the time of the year when the path of the Sun in the sky reaches its fathers point south in its annual cycle. So the Sun reaches its maximum energy, strength, potential and expression whilst the Moon is starting a new waxing and growing cycle. In principle Capricorn is earth element (pragmatic) and cardinal (enterprising) which results in a constructive impulse. We are thus supported over this new moon and solstice to ground ourselves (connecting to nature) and implement practical and useful intentions. So, why not join that hiking club, yoga or tai-chi class you’ve been dreaming of, go on that long dreamed of trip, take up a  study course, or embark on that new career?!

I promised a tracking of the Sun cycle over the coming year. Due to the synergy of solstice and new moon in Capricorn (Sun exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 22nd December – 20th January), I was able to incorporate some fundamental characteristics of the sign (subject to variation from person to person) in the writing above about the new moon. Some key features of Capricorn is responsible, authoritative, ambitious, successful, traditional and resourceful. Capricorn is associated with bones, skin, joints (especially knees), anterior pituitary gland and gall bladder. It is ruled by the planet Saturn and therefore endows a consistent, disciplined and somewhat reserved expression.  I’m sure you all know someone that is born under the sign Capricorn (or as rising or Moon sign) and hopefully a knowledge of the characteristics could help gain some insight into their worlds.


2 Comments on “Summer solstice and capricorn new moon

  1. Nance I just read your article, great to see your work, your articles are interesting , insightful and informative, Look forward to hearing more Godfrey

  2. Well done once more Nancy. Sorry I did not get a chance to look before. my transisting Capricorn Sun and Moon 11th and 12th h respectively and my pMoon in Taurus so earth abounds!Capricorn on cusp of my natal 12th h all by itself………..

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