Agents of change – uranus square pluto

Have you found yourself asking “what is going on in my life and the world?!” over the past few years?

pluto uranusPluto and Uranus have been squaring each other on and off in our sky since 2012 and their last direct contact was mid March 2015. However, they will only release each other and their effects fully by 2018 (until their next cycle) and we are still witnessing the changes around and within ourselves currently. These two planets are called outer, modern or transpersonal planets in astrology (also Neptune). They are significators of change  whether on personal or collective and world level (mundane). Our reality and experiences are like a cosmic clock or calendar and matters unfold in cycles. Pluto affects change by breaking down a structure and then rebuilding it (creator and destroyer). Some keywords associated are trauma, transformation, holding-on, decay and regeneration, government or power structures, past and ingrained states. Uranus challenges rigid structures and is symbolic for the unexpected, unusual or unconventional, chaos, liberation, technology and demands newness. Are you sensing the flavour? Together, they form the dominant forces behind the radical global and personal: change, disruptions, breakdown, innovation and advancement over these past few years! We live in a vastly different world currently (2018), compared to 2012 and prior.

The square aspect is one that causes stress and frustration through tests and challenges and the matters symbolic to the planets keep on butting heads and demand action. They are slow moving planets and so their impact per sign is generational and their effects can be seen globally over a protracted period of time. Currently, due to the square we are experiencing worldwide financial, religious, political and social crises such as the financial decline and instability and the uprising of the masses through strikes, revolutions and belief or religious intolerance. Due to the exposure and crises of outdated structures a new and progressive way forward is swiftly in the making. Similarly we have seen great strides in technological advancement. These effects are also felt on a personal level. Many people have gone through radical life changes, since 2012.

In the history of the world, it is however not the first time that we have lived in tumultuous times. This cycle and its related themes repeats itself by hard aspect every 32 – 45 years by square, opposition or conjunction. The last time these planets were in exact aspect to each other was 1964 – 1968 when they were conjunct or next to each other in the sky (there was a year or so of build-up prior to 1964). Do these dates sound familiar? It is the time of the American-Vietnam war, financial markets were in crises, Woodstock and the liberation movement, the time of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech (1963) and the peak of the African-American Civil Rights movement. The generational and world changes that emerged as a result of these years are part of what is currently asked to be renewed on a global level. You can see the similarities in themes with the current world environment.  The period before the 60’s was 1932 – 1934 which was the time of the Great Depression, similar social, political, economic and religious unrest to what we are experiencing now and Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Similarly we can trace the themes back to the Victorian Era and beyond. Their next cycle in opposition to each other, starts around 2046.

What does this mean to us in our personal lives? Pluto is bringing out the dirt, that which is rotten and past it’s sell by date. It brings it out as an opportunity to renew like the Phoenix. Uranus demands in quick, impatient and unpredictable fashion that the Plutonian structure be refreshed so we can never quite judge the outcome other that “life will not be quite the same afterwards”.  The ultimate aim is change of old structures, beliefs and ways of being and seeing the world. The more we resist change, the harder life becomes. These times are forcing us to engage, review, take control, liberate and renew our own lives through creative change.  The outcomes could be hugely exciting for a new way forward! The relevant areas of your life are analysed through your personal birth chart. What are the areas of challenge in your life? Where are you asked to empower yourself and where are you required to liberate yourself and become more free and unconventional to embrace the new cycle of consciousness (and on collective level) that’s busy unfolding as well as step into a new way of being more aligned with your life and on a larger scale the needs of our home – planet Earth?

5 thoughts on “Agents of change – uranus square pluto

  1. Great info and so well written. Makes me feel calmer in the chaos due to some understanding. Looking forward to more!!!!!!!

  2. Excellent, excellent, as you know change and turmoil have been on my path for some time now. I was forced on this path but embraced it as you know. The end result is that I found a job in Italy, starting on 1st Feb. I cannot agree more with “the more we resist change, the harder life becomes”, while when one embraces change, life becomes generous “.

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