Zodiac sign aquarius

th_aquarius_symbolOn the 21st January the Sun progresses by sign from Capricorn to a different flavour Saturn ruled sign – Aquarius. Aquarius is often mistaken as a Water sign as its symbol is that of a water carrier. But it is in fact a Fixed Air sign. The core principles are communication, information, ideas (also new technology), socializing, friends and groups. There is sure to be an Aquarian at every get-together of friends! They generally have a strong individualistic and independent tendency and an aptitude for new and inventive ideas. Because the sign is fixed they can be stubborn, be resolute about their ideas and don’t yield to change easily but the fixed also gives strong will and great endurance or stamina to see matters through. The body parts and medical associations with Aquarius are legs and ankles and the circulatory system.

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  1. yip it’s just like me….i would just like to find out how i can take those ideas and make them my reality ? thank you for sharing…

    1. And as I read it I thought isn’t it Wonderful how my sister is living out all of her inborn qualities… and it is so much who you are.

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