Jupiter in Virgo (August 2015 – September 2016)

jupiter to useAttention all Virgos (also Virgo rising sign and Virgo Moon). This is an important time for us (I can say us because I’m lucky enough to be one of you). Jupiter the planet associated with good fortune, guidance, growth and inspiration (to name but a few) has changed sign from Leo to Virgo. He will be traveling through our sign for a year (until September 2016 and then moves into Libra). This is a rare occasion as Jupiter was last here in September 2003 till September 2004. What does this mean for Virgo….?

Virgo, whilst Jupiter is moving through your birth sign and over your Sun, the emphasis will be on expansion. At the very least, you will be embarking on a brand new 12 year cycle of personal growth and development and for a sign that generally values knowledge and analysis, this is an exciting prospect. Learning and gaining new experiences therefore studies and traveling could be on the cards, health (healthy lifestyle) and relationships are generally good and you have vitality and are optimistic. It is a great time to start new projects, your skills may come into focus and you could be drawn to spiritual or consciousness expanding matters. Be proactive with the opportunities that present themselves to you over this period.

alphonso zodiac 2Virgo as your ascendant (rising sign): A new 12 year cycle of progress or stepping back into the world especially after a year of having been relatively withdrawn, reflective and quiet cultivation. You now expand your identity, self- expression, display your skills with optimism and self-confidence and new people or relationships may come into focus and your social circle expands. Emphasis whilst traveling, studying and gaining wisdom or success are best used for personal growth rather than personal gratification. Same as with the Sun above, be constructive, pro-active and participate in events, activities and opportunities that present themselves.

Virgo Moon: Jupiter crossing over your Moon is a beneficial period on an emotional level. Your home and personal life is uplifted. You may well feel emotionally secure, nurtured/nurturing, however depending on the rest of your chart you may be more sensitive or emotional than usual. There may be a move in store or renovations made to your home (using Virgo pragmatic qualities and attention to detail). A teacher or female may influence your life at this time and you may also embark on or complete studies or travel. On a secondary level the Moon is a significator for the body i.e. expanding physically. Therefore, be conscious of your lifestyle and eating habits (this also pertains to Virgo ascendant to some degree).

Jupiter in Virgo will assist and bestow its benevolence more freely through practical input, helpfulness and service, knowledge, analysis, study, travel, health, new expertise or perfecting a craft. Generally, Jupiter does not produce its very best in Virgo (debilitated) but it will still be felt by the Virgo as it is Jupiter after all. The pitfalls associated with the above are not acting on the opportunities that present themselves (letting luck pass you by), taking on too much, being overbearing or overconfident (as Jupiter expands matters). However, as mentioned Jupiter tends to manifest moderately/modestly in Virgo. Look back about 12 years ago for clues about the last cycle and the new one coming up. The timing of the potentials discussed will depend on the degree of your Virgo Sun, rising sign or Moon.

The specific areas of life affected will depend on the house (sphere of life) that your Sun or Moon is in (and rules) or the house cusp that Virgo rules. Should you have other planets in Virgo, they will be affected too but in matters symbolized by that planet and house.


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  1. Thanks so much for the enlightenment, it honestly made good reading and i feel proud
    knowing that there are people like yourself in this world giving up your time to enlighten
    others and people like myself . You are special , God bless you always

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