online archetypal astrology beginners course

Embark on this 12-week online Archetypal Astrology adventure with me! Learning the language of astrology is hugely enriching, empowering and life-changing. You will be practising the skill with mystery charts and your own chart. Therefore, your learning is also deeply personal.

My teaching style is fun, creative, interactive and personal attention is given. The course entails theory and practice of the fundamental building blocks of astrology, which include: signs, planets, houses and aspects. You will also receive loads of educational notes, practice and your own chart to work with. The recordings will be made available for re-listening purposes or should you miss a session. Here are some details to entice you…

When: Saturdays, starting 30th January 2021

Duration: 12 weeks. Every Saturday, other than Easter weekend. 2h30 sessions with a tea-break in the middle.

Starting time: Time to be confirmed but currently set for 12 pm – 2:30pm (SAST).

Where: Zoom platform

Fee: ZAR 5995 (445 USD). Instalments possible

The outcome: Having attended and participated with the course, projects and study material, you will be capable of reading natal charts and utilise these skills as a supplement to your current career and/or life in general. From here, we embark on predictive techniques that will catapult you to the next level by making predictions. Embarking on this path will change and empower your life forever!

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You will receive a Certificate of Completion after having attended the course. You have the option of completing a mystery chart assignment after which you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. The course is endorsed by the Cape Astrology Association.

What do you need? Enthusiasm and an eager mind! Coloured pens, arch lever file, plastic sleeves, A4 notepad and a downloadable prescribed astrological book ($5 – details to be confirmed). Zoom platform on your laptop or Android device.


“Dear Nancy. A big thank you for the beginner’s course.  Initially, I looked at the natal wheel as this intimidating and complicated chart that made no sense at all.  Now, I can identify all the planets and aspects and interpret the chart, it was like learning a secret language.  It’s one of the most rewarding courses I have been on and what I learnt about myself was life-changing.  I could not wait for our Saturday morning classes. I would recommend this course for any novice. I cannot wait to learn more.  You made me fall in love with the language of astrology. Thank you.” T.C.

RSVP: or WhatsApp me on +27826006207

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Hi Nancy, Carrie here my mother and I are interested in doing this together, she is recently widowed and I’m spending most of my week with her. Would love for us both to do this as one, as she doesn’t have zoom etc on her own. is this possible?


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