zodiac child

Until the middle of the Renaissance, there was an integrated view of religion, science and astrology. This was also evident in the medical field. Every part of the body relates to a zodiac sign and every Sun sign generally has a predisposition to some medical condition i.e Virgo relates to nerves and matters of the intestines and Capricorns usually have skin, bones or joint such as knees complaints. This image of the Zodiac Child (received from a client) was on display in Padova, near Venice recently (Italy being rich in astrological art). Doctors used to consult similar images (knowledge) according to the symptoms a client showed as well as before any major treatment was to commence. These concepts are still in use by astrologers. Monica Cromhout posted this interesting article by Michael Waters recently and it pertains to this very concept https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/zodiac-man-astrology-ketham


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