astrology and you

female astrological imageAstrology is a pragmatic model and life tool based on observable correlations and cycles between nature (celestial movements) and the human experience (cycles). It is a language designed to help us make sense of our own life patterns and the world at large and has a track record of over two thousand years. 

Consciously or not, we live our lives according to these connections and patterns, as reflected in the 7 days of the week (named after the 7 astrological planets), the 12-month calendar system (based on the 12 signs of the zodiac), our birthdays (Sun returns to the birth degree in the zodiac) and the 28-day female menstrual cycle (28 day cycle of the Moon). The observations and correlations are based on mathematical calculations, symbolism and archetypes. Astrology acknowledges and is based on our connection the universe as we are not separate from but part of nature – “as above so below”. 

What it can do for you

zodiac wheel pentagram inside

The experiences and benefits of an astrological consultation are personal but could be summed up as a manual, blueprint or roadmap for your specific life. What a gift?! You gain clarity and insight into yourself and your life in areas such as relationships, career, finances, health and events. With consciousness, you have the free will to make informed decisions and maximise the possibilities and effectiveness of choices within the unfolding cycles and events of your life. Simply stated – it works!

In practice…astrology readings in Cape Town and on Skype

NancyAn imprint is taken of the position of the planets and stars in relation to you at the time of your birth. The astrologer has learned how to analyse and relay this correlation by using various skills We are all familiar with our personal Sun or Horoscope sign. However, we are complex beings and astrology is a complex study that goes into much greater detail and accuracy than merely our Sun signs.