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types of readings

  • astrology birth chart readings (natal reading) which explores your authentic self, your nature and the various aspects of your life such as relationships, career, family, health etc. This reading is useful for everybody – adults, parents who want insight into their children,  and teenagers or young adults who need career guidance as well as a better understanding of themselves.
  • prediction (analyzing the cycles of your life and events that are unfolding to enable you to make the best possible choices with your life, work with the cycles and facilitate understanding of the unfolding of your life whether it be past, currently or into the future.
  • relationship consultation: dynamics between people and compatibility. This is excellent work for couples. Astrology_sign_glyphs_1
  • horary is an answer to a specific question i.e. “Will I get this job?”

Consultations are structured according to my clients’ requirements and inquiry at the time. Generally, a first consultation entails a combination of birth chart and prediction. Readings are recorded for your reference and convenience (should you wish to have it recorded) and sent via email to my DropBox link. Clients are also given a personal pack with your birth chart and some extra helpful or interesting reading pertaining to our discussion. Inquire re cost per session in ZAR or foreign currencies.

In order to draw the necessary charts I would require your

  • full date of birth (d,m,y),
  • place and
  • time of birth   (time is not essential but makes the reading more specific).