sun progression publication

My January 2016 article in the Krishnamurty Institute of Astrology’s 26th International Conference magazine deals with a western astrological technique called, Secondary Sun Progressions. It is a simple yet highly effective technique that explains and times periods of great identity changes in our lives.  How we ‘progress’ and change internally throughout our lives. The simplest […]

the unfolding pattern of the zodiac

The zodiac is divided into 12 signs that develop in a progressive sequence of qualities, all fulfilling its unique place and function within the greater whole. The aim of this post is to explain this unfolding pattern and where the signs get their descriptions from. We all have a unique mix of these qualities within us […]

aquarian/pisces super new moon

The Aquarius/Pisces New Moon on the 19th February 2015 is the 2nd of 6 Super Moons for the year. What this means is that the Moon is both perigree (closest to the Earth) as well as syzygy (in alignment with the Sun and the Earth). A Super Moon generates greater gravitational electromagnetic influence. We will […]

zodiac sign pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Completing the cycle that started with the Fire sign Aries. Typical keywords for Pisces are: sensitive, romantic, dreamy, mystical, imaginative, sacrifice and compassionate and tendency for escapism. Why are these associations given to Pisces what is the underlying essence of the manifestation? It is Water in element […]

zodiac sign aquarius

On the 21st January the Sun progresses by sign from Capricorn to a different flavour Saturn ruled sign – Aquarius. Aquarius is often mistaken as a Water sign as its symbol is that of a water carrier. But it is in fact a Fixed Air sign. The core principles are communication, information, ideas (also new […]

mercury retrograde

You may well be familiar with the term ‘Mercury retrograde’ as there has been an increase in articles about this over the past years. This is understandable in today’s world where global connectedness through communication of some kind is one of the driving forces behind our daily existence. Even so, it was a great and […]