transits workshop

Transits depict the everyday events in our lives. The current placements of the planets are analysed in terms of their aspects to the planetary positions at the time of our birth (natal chart). Their cycles create what is generally known as ‘cycles of life’. Transits are the most commonly used predictive method by the astrologer […]

secondary progressions workshop

Presented by: Nancy Massing, Secondary progressions are invaluable to the astrologer as a predictive skill. They are very personalised and therefore unique to the individual. They shed light on the client’s individual map, backdrop under which the transits occur and the timing of major life developments. They bring depth and perspective to your reading and […]

zodiac child

Until the middle of the Renaissance, there was an integrated view of religion, science and astrology. This was also evident in the medical field. Every part of the body relates to a zodiac sign and every Sun sign generally has a predisposition to some medical condition i.e Virgo relates to nerves and matters of the […]

2018 lunar cycles

2018 Moon Cycles (December 2017 – June 2018) Description: The Moon’s 28/29 day cycle is one of nature’s shorter passages to observe. She is known not only to be alluring and mysterious but also to affect i.e. life forms, our emotions and the tides of the sea. Living by the Moon’s phases brings richness to […]

planet series – mercury

mythology – symbolism Mercury receives his qualities from the Greek god Hermes. He is the son of Jupiter and Maia. He is known for being inquisitive, young, cunning and the swift-footed winged messenger in Greek mythology. He roams freely between the underworld and above, taking and receiving messages and is the only Olympian god that had this ability. […]

planetary cycles around the zodiac

Moon – 28 – 30 days (2.5 days per sign) Sun – 1 year (1 month per sign) Mercury – 1 year (1 month per sign) Venus – 1 year (1 month per sign) Mars – 2 years (1.5 months per sign) Jupiter – 12 years (1 year per sign) Saturn – 29 years (2.5 years […]